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We empower Indonesian people to build any internal business application software or website by themselves (without writing code) to support automating their own day-to-day activities, enhance their capacity and adaptability.

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Project Managers and Construction ManagerS
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About Us

Exinity is the fastest ways to build fully functions corporate system.


About Database and collections

  • Data and document are scattered, everyone has their own version of the last-data-truth.

  • Finding Data/document is hard and takes quite sometime to collect.

  • Not being able to utilize previous historical data for lesson-learn, future trend and reference.

  • With disconnected data, update from one database will not update to other. Many missing information and a manual checking is needed. To check the checking is correct, sometime we sees people assigning a super-checker to ensure correctness of the checking. When more data is needed to be checked, more time it will take to complete, and hence additional persons are required.


    Exinity considers that the use of proper cloud technology is able to answer those problem. It is Exinity's Mission to maximize use of cloud technology, find and develop an integrated tools that will enable empowering people to become Citizen Developer.

Use-of a ready made system

  • There are many ready-made system that can be use, but most of the time, it doesn't fit to internal requirement of each company's business process.

  • Even most expensive software are not tailor made to everyone requirements.

  • Some ready made system offers for own modifications, but that requires longer time and resources for modifying it and most of the time - it is not easy.

  • Only limited numbers of person is able to fully understand the ready made system, most of them is only surface understanding and doesn't feel like responsible to make it work.

  • We have tried many ready made software and it just didn't last for long until it is forgotten, and tries to find other solutions.


    Exinity considers that a ready-made software that is suitable for our variety of business and discipline area is just not available. It is Exinity's Mission to implement it's knowledge on Project Management and build a platform that is flexible for any needs and easily to modify and adjust to any business process or discipline Area.

Assign 3rd party to develop

  • Most of the time it will take quite sometime.

  • Misunderstanding between users and the 3rd party developer is common.

  • 3rd party developer has full schedule and requires more resources to meet the demand faster.

  • 3rd party developer requires to understand the business process to be able to provide their best solution.

  • Modifications requires more time and supports is not always available.

  • Hire a professional to do the work is most of the case a solution for Corporate that is able to hire a 3rd party. But from time-to-time, they are more difficult to find and it is not easy to adapt to changes of conditions.


    Exinity consider that not everybody has what it takes to assign a third party developer, and consider that one of Exinity's mission is to teach automation software to employee (Citizen developer) is so that they will be able to create, update, upgrade or adjust to support any business needs.

A big technology gap

  • Many Company / corporation are not using technology to help the work

  • Whiles big Company / corporation are keeping up with the latest technology, which brings more gap to the traditional Company.

  • Without using proper technology, it is difficult to track own assets (people, equipment, inventory, etc.)

  • Ability to measure what's important to the Company is being performed manually.


    It is our mission to build digital technology that enable everyone, including small corporation to catch-up with technology.

Hard to track who's doing what and when

  • Difficult to track people activities and when they should complete those.

  • Performance are based on feeling, to persons or also to equipment.

  • Many critical activities were forgotten and not being highlighted.

  • Only some people knows what are critical and priority.

  • Too many activities are critical.

  • Not knowing if everyone is working on the right priority.


    As a former Project Manager, Construction Manager, Engineering Manager and has built several billions dollars worth of facilities, we see those problem in many places. Exinity's mission is to established the connection to bridge the gaps.

Who is it for?

Everyone in any industries can implement. Currently we are implementing in-house and yet for public, but we can discuss. We also have samples to share and some are open to public.

Our Team

We’re a small team from Tangerang-Selatan, Indonesia.

We are

Exinity Exinity

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Feel free to contact us if you have any question or want to discuss further

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