How did I learn Appsheet?

No-Code Journey

How did I learn Appsheet?

How do I Start?

I started by reading a very good article from AppSheet Founder - him self. Where he described a 7 days plan of things to do:

Day 1: Create an AppSheet account. Understand the concepts.

Day 2: Build the first version of your app

Day 3: Show/send your app to some actual users in your team

Day 4: Add some richer features— photos, GPS, charts, maps, etc

Day 5: Demonstrate your app to your boss

Day 6: Enjoy your weekend and your promotion!

Day 7: Can't wait to get back to improving your app.

I've followed that and read all the links in the article and I even quote the statement here:

The first thing to do is to identify what you think are the most important three features you want in your app and write them down. Only three? But you had twenty features planned. It's so tough but you whittle them down to three top features. Then focus on just the first one on the list. Yes, I know that seems like an unfair trick but believe me it will help you.
My quote note
My Quote Note

Was that enough? For me, it surely not. It just a surface understanding and I wanted more. But if you have the passion, you should feel the same on day 7 of your journey with Appsheet. If you don't, you might want to consider if any no-code solution will suite for you. And since you do have the passion, You might want to consider that this is your first day with Appsheet. For me, I still learning something new about Appsheet everydays and it has become part of my life.

Collection of links

So I start bookmarking and collect important links on my journey with Appsheet. You might want to consider the following important links:

  1. Reference Article collection to data
  2. Reference Article to Expression
  3. Reference Article to Behavior
  4. Latest Topic Community
  5. Latest Tips and Trick

I did watch some youtube from Appsheet Channel, but it seems for me it is more difficult to follow since there are many outdated presentations.

Collection of Solutions

One of the key to understand AppSheet is if we understand how to read and write expression. So I use sublime text and start my collection of all solutions, expression, samples and tries to understand that. One sample is as below:

Expression and Explanation with Sublime Text

Set Learning priorities

Learning priorities

I've set 4 quadrant and try to understand the easy items and most frequent used and continue with the next quadrant.


Use 1 table to know all functions

20 hours of practices is required to know all functions and limits including to plan for a sequence on how to build an app. Followed with more tables and more functions and more capabilities when getting familiar with the terminology and functions.

Build own library

Sample library for SUM expression

Community contribution

For me, I get more knowledge and understanding when I can solve someone else problem/issues. So I start to contribute to community and start to answer questions. Doing this is actually make my learning faster. I have only asked 1 or two questions but most of my post in the community is to help other solve their problems. This is the key to my learning and I will keep doing that during my spare time.

I have even open a discussion channel for any Indonesian having problem to convey something in English, just ask in Bahasa Indonesia to me, I will answer at the soonest.

And I created this website with samples being shared is to make others to learn AppSheet faster and my wish is that more people will use AppSheet.

Road Least Travelled

I can tell you that there is not many people is using AppSheet in Indonesia. I want to change that and it should be easy to learn and by knowing AppSheet, you would know also about other tools that might be utilized for your automation purposes. In one of my activity is doing automation on hauling truck for bauxite mining. I use GPS, API, Telegram, Google Sheet, Apps Script to automate monitoring of the sites. So I know, where are my trucks, what are their speeds, how many rotations, their location, and spread any issue automatically to a telegram bot. It is all possible and is not that difficult to learn. So, start learning and you can always ask me for more detail.

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